Little Lambs Early Learning Center

A Weekday Early Childhood Education Ministry of Good Shepherd United Methodist Church


Preschool 3 Classroom

Preschool Three has 15 children and two caregivers. This class is the last stop before Kindergarten, so lots of important foundational skills are perfected in this room. They dig much deeper than just ABC's and 123's. They begin touhcing on Kindergarten sight words, complex letter sound combinations, and basic math principles of addition, subtraction, geometric shapes, and grouping. They cover other subjucts such as history, science, geography, and social studies. In this room, the teachers also take time to nurture spiritual growth through learning about the Bible, memorizing scripture, and learning about how to be in relationship with the Lord. A typical day in this class includes community time, center based play, structured table activities, gross motor time, family-style meals, story time, and a reclining rest period. Little Lambs' Pre-K students graduate from our program very well rounded and ready to dive right into Kindergarten. 


As a ministry, our mission is to nurture the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of all children we serve. This will be achieved through a welcoming environment, excellent supervision, developmentally appropriate activities and pleasing interactions. We will aim to teach the whole child and provide children, families and employees with the tools needed for future success. We will strive to offer opportunities for parents to work and engage with their children and facilitate the growth and training of those who teach the children.